Sweet Potato Cookies – Galletas de Batata (Patata Dulce)

[Español debajo] Continuing with one of my favorite veggies ¨sweet potato¨ I found a recipe to have it as a snack and what is even better ... It´ll come with the shape of a cookie 🙂 So next time you are baking sweet potatoes throw an extra one in the oven to make these delicious… Continue reading Sweet Potato Cookies – Galletas de Batata (Patata Dulce)


Chia Pudding – Pudín de Chía

[Español debajo] Springtime in Dublin is in all its splendor so I'm trying to enjoy being outdoors and eating fresh fruits as much as I can.  I've been searching lately for a light, healthy and easy to make breakfast, specially to have during the week at work. This chia pudding seems to be what I… Continue reading Chia Pudding – Pudín de Chía


Comfy Meal – Una Comida Reconfortante

[Español debajo] Hello there! Happy new year! I haven't been posting for a while and I missed it, but I needed a break to rethink how to post more frequently and still enjoy it. What to say about this meal, this is a "mom's soup" my mom's soup, and it's basically about putting all the… Continue reading Comfy Meal – Una Comida Reconfortante