Pancakes and Carnival Day – Carnaval y Panqueques

Today in Dublin is Pancake Tuesday, but at work we decided to celebrate also Carnival since we are people from different cultures working together, so why not celebrating two events that happen in different hemispheres at the same time. We made like a little workshop where we customized masks while having pancakes... Hard life, I… Continue reading Pancakes and Carnival Day – Carnaval y Panqueques


Turmeric Milk – Leche de Cúrcuma

[Español debajo] Here is a nice wintry infusion to enjoy specially in the evenings and relax. I found it in a blog that I follow ¨Cooking without limits¨ and since then I've tried to make it during the week before going to bed.  Turmeric milk is an Ayurvedic drink that helps you boost your energy… Continue reading Turmeric Milk – Leche de Cúrcuma